Installation of 2016 Officers

2016 Lodge Officers

Olympia Lodge #1, F&AM – 2016 Lodge Officers*

On December 12, 2015, Olympia Lodge #1 had it’s 161st Annual Installation of Officers.

Like a Hawaiian Prince being crowned in front of his people, Ben Wore a traditional Maile Lei, during his installation as Worshipful Master of Olympia Lodge #1.  The Maile is most often reserved for memorable occasions. It is known to many as the “lei of royalty,” which is poignant and fitting as they symbolize admiration, appreciation and respect and are given to signify respect and honor.  Check out the complete set of Officer’s Installation Photos on the Lodge Facebook Page.

The event was a brilliant success! The Worshipful Master whimsically declared a “best selfie contest” which fit in with the upbeat and family friendly vibe.  The Worshipful Master’s theme for the Lodge this year is “Spreading The Cement of Brotherly Love” which should be the goal of each Lodge member not just with fellow Masons, but with respect to all humankind.

*From the left above:  Junior Steward – Bro. Jay Bishop; Senior Deacon – Bro. Shaun Stahl; Chaplain – WB Jacob Vaughan; Secretary – WB Chuck Beck; Junior Warden – Bro Joel Lockwood; Worshipful Master – WB Benjamin Witten; Musician – WB Baxter Harwood; Senior Warden – Bro. Harry Howell; Tyler – WB Don Bulloch; Treasurer – Bro. Zahid Chaudhry; Marshal – Bro. Matthew Vandrush; Junior Deacon – Bro. Angelo Tosti; Senior Steward – Bro. Zach Nikkhooy