Washington Masonic Charities


Washington Masonic Charities is a charitable arm of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Washington.  Their mission is to create and promote a culture of philanthropy through a variety of programs including: 

  1. On the Level Student Success program that aids needy and homeless students helping them to stay in school and get high school diplomas by providing a wide range of assistance that can include assistance in the form of transportation, food, clothing, fees for extracurricular activities and in some cases even temporary shelter for young students;
  2. Masonic Outreach Services provides help to eligible older adults and their families through programs including care coordination, financial planning and information and referral assistance.
  3. Scholarships for graduating high school students who are pursuing college, university or vocational/technical continuing education after high school. (Note: Recipients of these scholarships must be affiliated with the Masonic Fraternity through family members or membership in a Masonic Youth Group)
  4. Bikes for Books program where Masonic Charities and individual lodges can partner with local schools to encourage and motivate reading and learning by young students by giving away new bicycles to students who achieve reading milestones.

For further information regarding Washington Masonic Charities Programs, visit their website and Facebook Page using the links above.